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Clubhouse Decking


Clubhouse Decking products represent a new generation of engineered polymer decking that incorporates advanced material science, world-class engineering and patented performance manufacturing—all to produce a low-maintenance deck that remains stunning through any kind of weather.

With no wood or wood fillers to warp, rot or break down, a Clubhouse deck will outperform and outlast natural wood in looks and performance. Its super-dense structure is lightweight yet strong, impervious to water, and provides dramatic strength and protection against impact. What’s more, innovative capstock technology results in a stunning low-gloss, natural matte finish that resists oxidation, clouding, fading and staining far beyond other materials.

Clubhouse Decking provides homeowners with exclusive technology that performs beautifully for years to come, with just a light cleaning to keep it looking its best.

World Class Material Science

Korelite makes decking lighter denser and stronger, creating a unique dense cell structure that minimizes imperfections, voids and water absorption while offering superior strength.  

Korelite uses world-class material science, tooling and manufacturing capabilities to create a higher density top and bottom - just like an I-beam.  And our high performance capstock and foam act like a stress skin panel.

The result is an exclusive, proprietary technology that looks as good as it performs underfoot.

Exclusive Proprietary Protection

Clubhouse Decking is made with proprietary capstock technology, the exclusive patented protection that has been tested and proven in the field for more than 30 years. Our capstock provides and unprecedented barrier against the harsh effects of ultra violet light, driving rain, high humidity, and the extremes of heat and cold. Plus the added bonus of dimensional stability and impact resistance.