Decking Calculator

Don't know how much material you need? 

To calculate the number of linear feet of decking needed, measure the square footage of your deck and multiply that by 2.28. Depending on the complexity of your deck you may want to add 10% for cut off waste (Example: 10 ft. x 10 ft. = 100 square ft. x 2.28 = 228 linear feet). To calculate how many fastening clips required using TruNorth composite decking, calculate 2.5 clips per square foot when joists are on 16” centers and 5 clips per square foot when joists are on 12” centers.

Please note that we automatically calculate how many boards and hardware you require on the product/order page on this website based on your square footage - we make it easy for you! We also do the same for composite fencing - just enter your linear footage.