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Buying Guide for Privacy Screens

Buying Guide for Privacy Screens

Kapil Tyagi |

Backyards often feel like a second living room during the summer. But nosy neighbors and prying eyes can send your family retreating indoors — even when the sun is shining.

That’s where privacy screens come in. Privacy screens allow homeowners to quickly turn their outdoor space into a secluded retreat. Keep reading for our tips on how to choose and install the right screen for your space.

The Benefits of Using Privacy Screens

Most backyards rely on fences, including composite fencing, to keep strangers from coming in. But that doesn’t always keep them from looking in. 

Privacy screens let you add an additional layer of privacy for your deck or pool. Their easy setup and low cost make them an attractive alternative to expensive fencing. 

And privacy screens aren’t just for outdoors. Their versatility also makes them a great solution for indoor privacy by helping separate desks, living areas, and more inside your home or office.

Options & Styles 

Privacy screens don’t block the beauty of your outdoor space — they elevate it. Brands like Oasis come in a variety of attractive and modern styles, including: 

  • Bamboo
  • Matrix
  • Palm
  • Woodland
  • Driftwood

These sleek screens combine form and function to make your composite deck even more inviting. Plus, their laser-cut designs allow sunlight to filter in instead of blocking it out.


To get your privacy screen up and secured, you’ll need to order the compatible accessories with it. When buying from Oasis, these include:

  • Mounting Posts (keep in mind that you’ll need 2 posts per panel — 3 if you’re connecting 2 screens, 4 if you’re connecting 3, etc.)
  • Mounting Brackets

Both the mounting posts and brackets are lightweight and feature pre-drilled holes to make installation easier.


Once you’ve ordered both your panels and accessories, installation is a breeze. Follow these steps to get your privacy screen up in no time. 

  1. Install base plates onto the bottom of each post
  2. Attach mounting brackets 
  3. Secure posts to deck, ground, or floor
  4. Insert screens into each bracket
  5. Place skirts and caps on the top and bottom of each post

That’s it! 


Not only are privacy screens easy to install, but maintenance couldn’t be simpler. 

Oasis screens feature a powder coating and are made from durable, high-quality aluminum. That means they’ll hold up to whatever your outdoor (or indoor) environment throws at them. Only the occasional cleaning is required to keep them looking like new for years to come.

Add Privacy and Elegance to Your Outdoor Space with Privacy Screens

Outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyed. Don’t let a lack of privacy keep you from spending time with friends and family on your deck or around the pool. Composite Deck Direct offers a variety of screens that add beauty and privacy to your backyard.

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