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Why are Homeowners Switching to Composite Decking as Opposed to Wood?

composite decking

Julian Mossanen |

Like many people during the pandemic, my husband and I relocated from the high-cost area where we lived to a beautiful, affordable small town. In doing so, we inherited a sturdy, but ugly, wooden platform installed just outside our back door, leading into the garden.

For months now, we’ve been discussing updating or replacing this structure in order to transform our garden into a more inviting outdoor space. We dream of hosting neighborhood gatherings, birdwatching in the mornings, and stargazing in the evenings from the comfort of a lovely, modern deck.

We came from a region that was fire-prone, and ran for our lives on more than one occasion. One friend had stored firewood underneath her deck, and this added to the conflagration when her home went up in flames. Naturally, we are interested in a fire-retardant deck, and are grateful that composite decking provides this protection.

composite deck

There are many other advantages as well:

A composite deck is environmentally friendly, and in this day and age, there’s not much that’s more important to us. Instead of robbing the planet of life-giving trees that can take centuries to re-grow, we can use boards made from 95% recycled plastic. This keeps this material from going into landfills or adding to the islands of discarded plastic in the oceans. 

It’s durable and lasts longer than wood. With Composite Deck Direct, you receive a 25-year limited warranty. While it may cost a bit more, this choice eliminates the ongoing expense of preserving a wooden deck, essentially “paying for itself” over a short period of time.

A proprietary rice husk and plastic formula means our new deck won’t rot, mold, or attract destructive insects. Composite material is stronger than wood, so it’s unlikely to need structural repairs from falling branches (a meteor, maybe, but not a tree branch.)

Composite boards are “capped” with a special moisture-resistant coating which prevents the deck from becoming a slip hazard. This is super-important to prevent falls in rainy, stormy or other types of inclement weather. Like most of us at any age, we are vulnerable to gravity!

On a simpler note, no staining is required to keep it looking new and fresh. It won’t scratch or chip. There are no splinters to worry about when we walk barefoot, allowing us to relish our outdoor sanctuary even more. No splinters in our yoga mats, either!

It gets quite hot at our home in the summer, so we look forward to a cooler surface to walk on. This is possible thanks to the advanced heat blocking feature now available in composite decking.

New technology makes composite decking lightweight and easier to install. We can even build it ourselves as a DIY project, with a little help from Composite Deck Direct. There are several colors to choose from, and in styles that recreate the warm beauty of natural woods, without depleting the forest.

All of this just makes it easier to do what we bought our home for in the first place: to enjoy it!  For us, our garden and back yard is a space we want to relax in, comfortably, safely, and responsibly. Composite decking provides this, while enhancing our home’s elegance and resale value too. We are eager to begin our installation. Soon we’ll be telling our friends, “Come on over for a garden party on our new, composite deck!”