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How much does it cost to build a composite deck?

composite decking

Julian Mossanen |

So you’ve done your homework and realized the benefits of a composite deck: Low to zero maintenance costs.  No rot, mold, or the kinds of problems that arise with wood such as splinters, cracking, and fading. Your deck will withstand harsh winters, and it is fire-retardant, providing added protection for your home during fire season.

Composite decks, made from proprietary formulas of recycled plastic, are environmentally friendly, saving our forests and reducing your carbon footprint. And they are beautiful —available in a variety of designs and colors for you and your family to enjoy.

Remember too, as you are planning your composite deck, that these eco-friendly boards (95% recycled materials) can also be used to build sturdy composite fencing and beautiful privacy screens for your home’s outdoor space. Composite materials can even be used to build docks!

The first order of business is to find a supplier you trust. CompositeDeckDirect offers a 25-year limited warranty, including stain and fade warranty – you can’t go wrong there! Part of finding a trustworthy supplier is to review the responses of happy customers - those who’ve had their needs met superbly by CompositeDeckDirect. There’s nothing like hearing the words of satisfied customers to help you to move forward with your project.

When you purchase online from CompositeDeckDirect you can save up to 20% off standard pricing. All the necessary materials are available to you to install your deck quickly and simply.  

One of the loveliest things about the CompositeDeckDirect site is that you can pick your type of composite board, enter your square footage, and voilá! You have a quote which includes the pricing for the number of boards plus the required hardware you will need for your new or renovated deck.

For example, my husband and I would like to install a 200 square foot deck behind our house, exiting from our kitchen sliding glass door. According to the web-site calculations, we would spend just under $2700 US to order the necessary materials. Not too bad for a forever deck!


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It’s important to remember that the cost of a composite decking is more than offset by the lower maintenance costs over the years to come. There is no need to power-wash it or re-stain it or sand it down to reduce splintering, or to spend very much at all to keep it in good repair. 

If you are uncertain about finding someone to install your deck - a local contractor / expert in deck design and installation, CompositeDeckDirect can help with that too. They are happy to sort this out, you simply give them the details and your location and then you can choose from a variety of available contractors to contact.  

Picture this: you and your family sitting outside on a beautiful warm summer’s day, enjoying your new composite, expertly crafted and super-affordable composite deck from CompositeDeckDirect. Your children or perhaps grandchildren play comfortably on it, racing across it fearlessly. You and other adults relax in comfortable chairs on the sturdy boards, watching the birds in the trees at the edge of your yard. Your favorite niece does a dance across the deck in her bare feet, while your son-in-law barbecues lunch just down the steps into your garden.

And all it took to realize this utopian vision was your dedication to finding the best composite decking materials available, creating the most comfortable and affordable outdoor experience for you and your family. Congratulations! You have reached a peak experience in life: sharing your home with your loved ones in a peaceful, safe and beautiful way. CompositeDeckDirect is here to help you make this dream come true!