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Why are homeowners switching to composite decks ?

composite decking

Julian Mossanen |

Now more than ever, homeowners are switching to composite wood decks.

There are many reasons, chief among them is that composite decks require zero to low maintenance. Clearly this is an enormous advantage if you are planning on enjoying your deck for many years to come. Canada’s generally cooler climate and more rugged landscape overall makes a composite deck a smart choice.

While a composite deck may cost a little more at the inception of your deck construction project, over time you will find that the expenses associated with maintaining it are pretty much nil. This is especially true when compared to the costs of annual power-washing and regular staining, repairing, sanding, and otherwise keeping a wooden deck in good condition throughout the seasons of the year.

With all the challenges we face today, particularly with the weather becoming more intense in the world’s wild places, (and in our metropolitan areas too,) composite decking becomes a clear, positive option for homeowners. A no-nonsense, composite deck made from sturdy recycled plastic means one less thing to worry about when storms and fires threaten our homes.

composite decking

Wooden decking of all types faces the inexorable aging process in a different way than polyvinyl chloride (pvc,) decking does: it won’t rot, mold or splinter. Also, no chemical sealants are used to protect your composite deck. It doesn’t need to be stained and won’t fade in the sun each summer. Not to mention that the traditional wood materials in decks are pressure-treated to withstand a challenging outdoors environment, and the chemicals used in this process can be harsh or even toxic.

Composite Deck Direct offers TruNorth, Clubhouse and Lanai composite/PVC deck materials. These boards are composed in part with a ceramic material (developed in the military) that reflects heat. For this reason, your deck will be comfortable to walk on barefoot in the warmer months of the year. This decking features a proprietary rice hull composite formula that makes your outdoor deck look even more natural. For those who appreciate the Do-It-Yourself approach, a system has been developed that makes composite decks very easy to install!

In addition to being environmentally friendly – preventing plastic bottles from adding to landfill by crafting them into composite deck boards and fences, composite decking comes with a 25-year warranty, which frees you from worry. As far as extreme weather goes, leading to droughts and forest fires, composite decks are fire retardant, which is a major plus in this day and age.


composite fencing

Composite boards come in beautiful solid and variegated colors, making them look as much like natural wood as possible, but better! You can begin by restoring or resurfacing your existing deck, or start fresh with a new installation – Composite Deck Direct provides support for your project every step of the way.

So, let’s review: Low to zero maintenance costs on your composite deck, no rot, mold, or the kinds of problems that arise with wood such as splinters, cracking, and fading. Composite or PVC decking withstands harsh winters with ease. They are fire-retardant which is an important feature in our warming world.

Plus, composite wood materials, made from proprietary formulas of recycled plastic, are environmentally friendly, saving our forests and reducing your carbon footprint. These composite materials are available in a variety of designs and colors, so you can be assured that your deck will always look sparkling and new.

Most important of all is that composite wood decks are simply elegant and beautiful, providing you and your family with a lovely setting to enjoy your outdoor space for many years to come!

Join the many other homeowners switching to composite decks for their homes — step onto your new deck and into a safer and more environmentally conscious world.