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TruNorth vs. Fiberon Decking: Choosing the Right Brand For Your Project

TruNorth vs. Fiberon Decking: Choosing the Right Brand For Your Project

Kapil Tyagi |

Interested in a beautiful outdoor deck that requires little to no maintenance? How about a lower total cost of ownership? Or one that will stand up to even the harshest climates?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, then a composite deck is the right choice for your home.

Now comes the next question: which brand should you choose?

More companies are entering the market as composite and PVC decking continues to gain popularity with today’s homeowners. In this article, we’ll be comparing two of the industry’s top-selling brands: TruNorth and Fiberon decking. 

Keep reading to see how each brand stacks up when it comes to the following:

  1. Materials and Capping
  2. Durability
  3. Pricing
  4. Color Options
  5. Shipping and Delivery

Materials and Capping

TruNorth has two composite models to choose from (Solid Core and Enviroboard). Fiberon has four.

However, while Fiberon features more options, their boards also come with a serious drawback: they’re made with wood-filler, which makes them more susceptible to warping, splintering, and mold.

TruNorth boards are 100% wood and sawdust-free. They use a proprietary mix of recycled plastic bottles and rice hull that makes them sturdier and more resistant to issues that can impact the lifespan of your deck. Each brand also features capping on all four sides for added protection from the elements. In addition, all of TruNorth’s boards are reversible, allowing them to be flipped over if one side is scratched or damaged.

Fiberon and TruNorth both offer PVC models in addition to their composite boards: TruNorth’s Clubhouse and Fiberon’s Promenade and Paramount. These boards are made from 100% plastic and can be recycled at the end of their lifespan.


Composite decking’s superior durability compared to traditional wood is one of its biggest selling points. TruNorth and Fiberon’s products are no exception.

Independent testing shows that TruNorth decks are 5.7x more resistant to abrasion than other popular brands like TimberTech Pro and Trex — and up to 8x compared to Azek. 

Like TruNorth, Fiberon’s composite boards also feature advanced slip and heat resistance. Four of their composite models are approved for use in all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones and are designed to meet rigorous fire-resistance standards.


TruNorth has partnered with Composite Deck Direct to offer transparent pricing and easy ordering to customers. Here’s what you can expect to pay for their standard 12-foot boards: 

  • TruEcono Enviroboards: $31 USD / $38 CAD
  • TruNorth Solid Core: $52 USD / $64 CAD
  • Clubhouse Premium PVC: $60 USD / $82 CAD 

Fiberon features similar pricing for their 12-foot boards.

Both Composite Deck Direct and Fiberon offer online price calculators to help customers determine the cost of their project. Ours goes a step further by including accessory and wastage costs to provide a more accurate estimate.

Color Options

Like most modern composite decking, TruNorth and Fiberon offer boards that match the tone and warmth of traditional wood without any of its drawbacks.

Fiberon features a wide selection of different colours, with 32 in total to choose from. However, buyers are limited to the number of options available for each model. Three colours are also exclusive to Fiberon’s ArmorGuard, which has limited availability. 

TruNorth offers 22 different colours to match any style, with each model featuring between 10-12 individual varieties to choose from. 

Still not sure which colours will work best in your space? Check out some of our favorite recommendations here. 

Shipping and Delivery

TruNorth is proudly headquartered and manufactured in North America. This means that homeowners can expect their shipment to arrive in as little as a few days when they order through Composite Deck Direct. Pickup options are available too. Customers can also order 4 free samples to find the right fit for their project before purchasing.

Fiberon is manufactured in the United States and is available at select online and in-person retailers across the US and Canada. Samples are available through Fiberon for $5 apiece. 

The Final Verdict: TruNorth vs. Fiberon Decking 

It’s hard to go wrong with composite decking for your outdoor space — no matter which brand you choose.

TruNorth and Fiberon decking both offer premium products and useful online tools to help homeowners with their project. However, superior durability, additional color-matching options, and faster shipping make TruNorth the winner in quality and convenience.

Ready to get started using TruNorth for your outdoor project? Composite Deck Direct has you covered. Head over to our gallery for inspiration or shop online today.