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Is Composite Decking Worth the Money?

Is Composite Decking Worth the Money?

Kapil Tyagi |

It’s no secret that building a composite deck will cost more up-front than building a traditional wood one. As of about a year ago, a 200-square-foot composite deck would cost about $2,700 in materials, whereas a pressure-treated wood deck of the same size would require about $1,400 in raw materials. This price discrepancy - which would be less today given the rising cost of lumber - has inspired some homeowners to ask: ‘Is composite decking worth the money?’


That’s a reasonable question! With inflation impacting households’ bottom lines, savvy homeowners are looking for ways to limit spending without sacrificing quality – and quality is where the wood decking vs. composite decking debate gets interesting. Here are a few of the reasons why investing in a composite deck is absolutely worth the money; in fact, the factors make composite decking significantly cheaper than traditional wood in the long run.


Durability: Composite decking is significantly more durable than traditional wood. It is less likely to rot, mold, warp, or become infested by insects.


Maintenance: That durability means that composite decking is much easier to maintain than wood decking. Cleaning it is a breeze, and it requires far fewer repaints and much less repair, which translates to a lower overall cost over the lifespan of the deck. It will cost about $300 to maintain that 200-square-foot composite deck over its 25-year lifespan, and about $900 every two-to-five years to maintain a wood deck. 


Attractiveness: Although composite decking was once considered less attractive than wood decking, technological advances have narrowed that gap. You can now invest in a composite deck that looks strikingly similar to real wood and won’t require staining, painting, or any maintenance whatsoever.


Lasting Value: Because composite decking is much less likely to rot, fade, stain, or split, your one-time investment can create lasting value that will even benefit you when you sell your home.


Warranty: Reputable manufacturers of composite decking materials stand by their products and offer generous warranties. TruEcono/TruNorth Decking, for example, offers a 25-year warranty on its products which is transferable to any new owners of the house, a feature you won’t find with wood decks, or even other composite decking brands. Check out our Warranties page to learn more.


Safety: You can’t put a price on safety, and composite decking is often safer than wood decking. It is much less likely to become splintered or uneven over time, and new innovations have allowed manufacturers to create heat-resistant composite wood for comfortable bare-foot use on hot summer days. Plus, composite decking has built in fire-retardant materials, providing additional safety to your family and your home. 


Sustainability: Though not made from natural materials, composite decking is often more environmentally friendly than traditional wood materials. Not only will you save trees by choosing composite boards, but you’ll also be opting for largely recycled materials!


To make a long story short, higher up-front costs don’t necessarily mean a higher cost in the long run, and they certainly don’t mean less value. If you’re looking to install a durable, attractive, safe, and environmentally conscious deck, browse our wide selection of composite decking materials or contact us today to learn more.