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How is our product different from the other composite decking available?

  • 5.7x more resistant to abrasion than Trex and CPG (Timbertech) in ASTM 4060-10 Abrasion Testing. 8x more than Azek
  • Reduces heat retention from sun by 20 degrees Fahrenheit compared with other composite decking materials by using proprietary heat blocking technology
  • Reversible board with wood grain on both sides. Other brands have grooves on bottom making this not possible.
  • The Polyethylene (PE) Cap means same expansion and contraction as the PE core, unlike many other composite boards that experience delamination
  • 100 % Arkansas Rice Hulls, no wood saw dust is used
  • Rice hulls absorb very little moisture
  • Looks and cuts like real wood
  • Outer shell (Capping) on all four sides
  • Made from 95%+ Recycled Material
  • Rice hulls will not harbor mold or fungus
  • Rice hulls will not burn or decay easily

All of our board types are very high quality - there are other competitive boards on the market that may be cheaper, but be wary of those - they are softer, may include wood product making them prone to rotting, are not reversible and will scratch easily.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes! Visit us at unit 195 at the Improve Canada home improvement centre. Open 24/7. You can pickup samples there too.

7250 Keele St, Concord, ON L4K 1Z8

How fast can you deliver samples and the final product once ordered?

4-7 business days for samples. As soon as 1-2 weeks for final order depending on location and time of year.

What is the difference between TruNorth composite and Clubhouse PVC decking?

TruNorth decking is made from recycled plastic, rice husks and other proprietary materials.  The TruNorth Enviroboard is a hollow grooved board, therefore lighter, more flexible and less expensive. TruNorth solid core is solid all the way through comes in a grooved and square edge profiles (for borders, stairs etc.), is less flexible and a little more expensive as more material is used. Clubhouse is a premium engineered polymer (PVC) that has different colours and uses Korelite technology for strength and ensures light weight. It is more durable has slightly different dimensions and has a better warranty. 

Do you charge for shipping? What is your shipping policy?

Shipping processing time

All orders are processed within 2 business days. Accessories can be shipped across North America, TruNorth/Clubhouse deck boards can be shipped in southern Ontario, Quebec, BC. Alberta and in select regions across the USA. Lanai deck boards can be shipped anywhere in Canada. Should you require shipment of deck boards outside of these regions, please email us at for a custom quote. All shipping charges are subsidized as well.

Shipments or deliveries will not occur on weekends or holidays. If you require a shipment on a weekend, please contact us to see if we can make an exception. If there are any delays in shipment, we will notify you as soon as we are aware of the delay. We aim to deliver the goods to your location within 4-10 business days of receipt of the order under normal circumstances, although this is subject to product availability and other factors that could be beyond our control. We will aim to deliver the goods on the requested shipping date, but this is not guaranteed. We are not liable and will not provide compensation for any shipping or product production delays as they are outside of our control. In order to save costs on shipping, US based customers are responsible for removing the deck boards from the truck upon delivery, so please have the resources available to do this. In some cases, the delivery truck may not be able to back into the driveway due to the size of the trailer, so please bear that in mind.

Shipping rates and delivery estimates for decking/fencing boards

Subsidized shipping charges will depend on pre-tax order size and location and you'll see the cost upon checkout before you order. You also have the option to pick up for free and you can select the closest location to you upon checkout.


No shipments to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses.
You will receive a shipping confirmation number after your order.

Customs, duties, and taxes is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your order. Fees of this sort are typically not incurred though. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).


If you received your order damaged, please contact us directly to file a claim. Please save all packaging material and damaged goods before filing a claim. Please do not install any damaged material. Please also take photos of damaged goods if possible and email us at

Customer pick ups

If customers pick up with closed sided trailers, trucks or car trailers that can’t be loaded with a forklift, they will need to load the boards onto their truck by hand due to liability reasons. If you require help to do this, a $100/hr labour charge will be incurred and we will need to charge for this in advance.

For Ontario customers, there is legal liability if the factory or warehouse loads a trailer with loose boards and the customer doesn't strap the boards properly. The customer will need to load their own order if the load can 't be done with a forklift.

International Shipping Policy

We do not ship anywhere outside of North America at this time.
For more information, email

Where can you ship the product to?

Yes, we deliver anywhere in North America and the subsidized shipping rates are based on your location. You will see the cost of shipping when you enter your address upon checkout.

Can we pick up the products?

Yes you can pick up directly from the plant in Brantford, Ontario or at one of our warehouse locations throughout Canada and USA . Please see pickup options during checkout.

Can you cut the composite with a normal wood skill saw blade?

We recommend carbide tipped, cut it slow (not fast) with top side up.

Do you have contractor accounts and pricing?

Yes, please register here if you're a contractor. Once registered, please email us at and we'll issue you a discount code.

How much potential waste is recycled from the landfill in order to produce TND’s composite decking?

A 12 ft. x 12 ft. sized deck recovers the equivalent of 12,000 plastic water bottles from the landfill, saves consumption of 90 gallons (343 L) of oil and at least 1,132lbs (514kg) of CO2 emissions.

How do I calculate how much material is required?

To calculate the amount of lineal feet of decking needed measure the square footage of your deck and multiply that by 2.28. Depending on the complexity of your deck, it's advisable to add 10% for cut off waste (Example: 10 ft. x 10 ft. = 100 square ft. x 2.28 = 228 lineal feet plus 10% or 23 ft equalling 251 ft total). To calculate how many fastening clips required calculate 2.5 clips per square foot when joists are on 16” centers and 5 clips per square foot when joists are on 12” centers. We've calculated this automatically for you on the order page though.

What tools do I need?

You can use the same tools you use on wood products using a regular carbide blade, table saw, radial arm, hand saw, drill bits and routers. Our composite decking and accessories cut and shape just like real wood.

What is the Slide & Go® System?

The Slide & Go® system is the use of the hidden fastening clip and stainless screw, allowing your next board to slide into position and ready for the next fastening clip. This decking system allows for expansion and contraction of the composite material. All plastics or composites expand and contract according to weather conditions.

The clips leave a 3/16″ gap between the boards for air circulation and water drainage.

The clip and screw are black, and cover the top of the joist, so they actually help protect the joist(from water/sun) and hide the joist in the shadows.

Can I clean it using a power wash?

We recommend power washing in the spring and fall or as required. Rice Hulls are very hard and power washing will not harm the board. Power wash using soap detergent and a hose fan spread of 6” or more.

How do I repair the board if my BBQ fell over?

Most stains will power wash out with detergent soap. Small stubborn stains can be removed using a brass wire brush going with the direction of the grain on the composite decking material.

What about badly stained or accidental BBQ burns?

The boards can be slid out by loosening the clips, sliding the board out and turning it over as there is a wood grain finish on both sides. Never stain or clear coat the decking material. Paint or clear coat will eventually peel off as it does with wood.

Will the colour of the decking fade?

All colours will fade to some degree but our products are designed to be very fade resistant and this is reflected in the warranty. Decking material will have minimum fading and the gloss appearance will disappear.

How big are the gaps between the grooved boards when installed with Slide&Go Clips?

The Slide&Go clips leave a 3/16” gap in the boards side to side. That is a small gap, so it’s hard to see the clips unless you are standing straight above looking down with overhead light (noon).

The Driver tool included with Slide&Go clips, is also made to fit between the 3/16″ gap so adjustments can be made during construction and in the future.

Can I use Pro Plugs with other brands of screws?

While some other brands of screws may work, using a different brand of screws would void warranty coverage for the plug system.

Can I use the deck Pro plugs for fascia boards?

No, the fascia boards are not thick enough for this system to work properly long term. For Clubhouse boards, we recommend our fascia screw system, available in our Accessories section. For TruEcono/TruNorth boards, we recommend this fascia screw system.

How close can I put my bbq or Grill to TruNorth Deck boards used for privacy screen or railing?

We recommend you go by the BBQ’s instructions since some BBQs are hotter than others and some push more heat out the back or sides. Typically the BBQ manufacturer will make a recommendation for proximity to vinyl railing or siding, and if you follow that, it should be more than adequate for TruNorth Deck in most scenarios.

What are the deck boards made out of?

For TruNorth/TruEcono composite boards, we use a unique formula that includes 95% recycled materials and rice husks. No wood filler is used. For Clubhouse, this is a PVC engineered polymer.

What is your returns policy?

Please read our returns policy here.

Who is

We are an online supplier of high quality composite decking and fencing products and are the only online source for products from TruNorth Composites. We provide factory direct pricing and can deliver decking products right to your home or job site faster and less expensive than anywhere else. We are headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and have distribution in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and all of the USA.

Why is my credit card declining?

Given deck purchases are relatively larger and deemed unusual and not following your standard purchasing pattern by the credit card companies, some online purchases are declined (i.e. 'do not honour' error). They are doing this to protect you from fraudulent transactions. You need to call your credit card company to approve the transaction.