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Composite Fencing & Privacy Screens

TruNorth® Composite Fencing

  • Composite Fences

    Our horizontal fence system was specifically designed to be the last fence you'll ever need. It provides the strength and endurance of aluminum with the durability and low maintenance of composite material. By combining 3” square aluminum fence posts and two custom designed left and right aluminum “U” Channels, the TruNorth composite fence boards and composite fence panels slip easily down the channels attached to the aluminum fence posts. Available in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania.

  • Composite Fence Gates

    CompositeDeckDirect offers a gate kit to suit your needs. This includes self-closing hinges, support and a locking/handle mechanism. We also offer heavy duty gate hinges for wider gates. Remember to order 1 channel rail kit per gate kit on the product page.

Composite Fencing Colors

Oasis Privacy Screens

  • OASIS Privacy Screens are a perfect solution to create an instant privacy screen for decks or even an interior deck privacy wall and deck privacy screen. With an easy to install system of posts, panels, and brackets, it is simple to define your outdoor or indoor space using this privacy screen system. Perfect for residential or commercial projects!

  • Highlights

    - SALE price $299 per panel, regular price $359
    - Made from durable aluminum
    - Simple installation, 4 easy steps
    - Low maintenance
    - Perfect for the summer heat or winter cold
    - Fast Delivery
    - Comes in 5 styles and 2 colours (Driftwood is the only style that comes in white)Size: 91.44cm/36 inches(width) x 172.7cm/68inches (height) x 2.0mm/.08 inches (thickness)


    Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Oasis Privacy Screens Designs

Sunbelly Privacy Screens

  • Sunbelly Privacy Screens are most often used as a privacy fence system on an outdoor patio or deck. Sunbelly Privacy Screens can also be used to create shade in a sunny space or to add visual interest to a landscape design. They can also be used as restaurant dividers or in offices, homes and condo balconies to create division of a space. A unique feature of Sunbelly screens is that they can fit to almost any dimension with the use of specially designed spacers.

  • Some Highlights

    - $294-$335/panel
    - Each Sunbelly Post comes equipped with a 2-piece Base Plate & a Post Cap, which get affixed to the post during the install.
    - 6 styles of decorative screens
    - 2 colours, black and bronze
    - Easy 5-step installation
    - Installed dimensions (between two Sunbelly Posts using Sunbelly Mounting Brackets) will be 44 ½” wide x 73” tall
    - Can attach to both concrete or wood


Sunbelly Screen Black Profiles

Sunbelly Screen Bronze Profiles